Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Cornish Dance in Liskeard, Callington & Beyond

Dydh Da! Good Day!

Ha fatla genes? And how are you?

What a fantastic summer - real live sunshine & blue skies, and plenty of Cornish dancing at a host of festivals!

We're back with a regular series of Cornish dance workshops on Saturday mornings from 10am in Callington at the Town Hall (1st & 3rd) with Kamm Kelliwik - Dons Kernewek, and Liskeard at the Liskerrett Centre (2nd & 4th) with Scoot Lyskerrys.  Full details are on the Workshops page.

Meanwhile, we can't wait for the Big Nos Autumn Nos Lowen Cornish Dance at Sterts on Saturday 21st September, from 6:30pm - 5 bands, including Scoot Lyskerrys!
Watch out for the 'Game of 5's'!

If you've never tried Cornish dancing before, don't worry - there's plenty of leaders to show you the way.  Rumor has it there will be one or two celebrities & celebrations on the night!  Tickets are available from Sterts - and do feel free to book your meal at the cafe too.

We're outside in the open air theatre... bring your dancing feet & optional cushions & blankets!

Hope to see you there :D

Cheers x

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

St Piran's 2013

A splann almost week-long St Piran's celebration, with loads happening all across Cornwall (and further afield!).

For me, it started on Friday night in Perranporth, catching the end of the evening procession...I heard the drumming and the cheers, and saw lots of flags & latterns as everyone headed into Perranporth Memorial Hall for singing, dancing, pasties and refreshments.  I was really impressed with Perranporth School Choir, as they sang the Cornish Haka, another beautiful song in Kernewek, as well as songs of mining with the miming too!  I'm hoping we might get the chance to see them at Cornwall Folk Festival this year.

Bagas Crowd, Cornish Dancing
Perranporth School Choir
Bagas Crowd played wonderfully for dancing (all great players, especially the young cajon player) - I don't think I've ever danced 'Cornish Mating Dance' quite so fast!  And I learnt a couple of new Cornish dances from the children too - lots of them told me they "go to a weekly Cornish Dance Club, and it's great!"

A quick sprint up to Seiners to catch Welsh trio Esgair with some gorgeous tunes & songs, joined on a few numbers by the ubiquitous Steve Hunt...

Nathan & Harmony from Esgair
...followed by a very fine Dalla set (joined by Mr Hunt for a few numbers) with lots of dancing in a very small space.  And finally, the evening was rounded off with a fine session and a couple of step dances...

Cornish session in Seiners bar
Top phrase of the day ... "I want to learn Cornish dance!"... Skofiee - find your 20!! :D

Saturday was an early start with a very busy Sparking Saturdays Cornish Dance Workshop in Liskeard.  Fabulous music from members of Liskeard Street Band, and fantastic dancing!  Almost like a mini-festival workshop each time!

On Saturday evening I was delighted to join the Callington St Piran's Supper.  After a mesmerizing set from the incredible Mike O'Connor and Barbara Griggs, it was time for a spot of Cornish dancing.  There was much laughter and mayhem as friends and members of the Callington & District Twinning Association and Callington Old Cornwall Society quickly picked up the Callington Furry (with 'petticoats tight' and 'petticoats loose') in the run up to Callington MayFest.  HUGE thanks to Mike & Barbara for playing for dancing so beautifully!

Sunday was the new and very well received St Piran's play by Alan Kent, and 'After Dune Tunes' in Seiners with Neil Davey & the ubiquitous Steve Hunt.

On St Piran's Day itself, with processions and sessions and singing and dancing all over the Duchy during the day, I landed up in Harveys Lanson with Cornish dancers, Anna, Karen and Arls.  We happily shared a selection of Cornish step and broomstick dances at the request of the musicians, and Launceston's Mayor, Rob Tremain.

Bill Jefferson, Rob Strike & Jack Speckleton
in Harveys, Lanson
Note the St Pirans rotating 'puppet' on his
coracle on the waves by Trevor Lawrence,
with his pint of Skinners in his hand!
Thanks for the great tunes and songs lads, especially the Crowns boys home from London especially for St Pirans!  Kernow bys Vycken!

Once again, there were people asking to learn Cornish dance, having seen the stepping & joined in with Newlyn Reel!  Watch this space for Cornish dancing in Lanson soon!

And finally ... as St Piran's tide coincides with Liskeard's Vital Spark Festival of the Arts, the Saturday following St Piran's saw 10 'mock-posh' Scoot Lyskerrys dancers, along with Carlton on sax & the ubiquitous Steve on bouzouki kick-off the Fore Street dancing.

A cry of "Myttin Da Onen hag Oll, ha Dynergh! - Good Morning One and All, and Welcome!" and the familiar stamp-shuffle, stamp-shuffle of 'Tin Stamp', followed by Newlyn Reel gave just enough time for Jenny to continue up Fore Street, playing the opening bars of 'Putting on the Ritz' for the next set of dancers ...

'Tin Stamp' in Style About Town
Photo by Mary Westlake
... and then the boom-boom of the Club des Belugas Remix of "Putting on the Ritz" half-way up Fore Street, where we joined around 30 other dancers from around Liskeard in their own interpretations of the dance, as we danced a "Putting on the Ritz" Cornish style serpent amongst them.

'Putting on the Ritz' Street Serpent
Photo by Mary Westlake
We carried on to the other end of Fore Street for a couple of dances, and finished up back at the Country Produce Market on The Parade for a North Cornwall Furry leading into the "Putting on the Ritz" serpent, plus a few extra Cornish dances.

Here's to next year!!


Coming up ...

... Liskeard Scarf Serpent, Looe "Oll a Dro", Callington MayFest ....

Dha weles skon! See you soon! :D

Thursday, 28 February 2013

Gool Peran - St Piran’s Tide 2013

So many great things happening from Friday night for St Piran's this year across Cornwall...I think I may need to find a few gluten free pasties for the weekend to keep me going ;)

Here's just a selection in the Liskeard and surrounding area...


Saturday 2nd - 10am: 'Sparking Saturdays Cornish Dance Workshop' in the Liskerrett Centre.  Come and join us for some foot-stomping fun fitness with Cornish dance!  
Family friendly and LIVE MUSIC!!

Sunday 3rd - 2pm - Grand Opening of Stara Woods Bridge in Style - cakes, welly painting, stylish outfits and dancing!

Sunday 3rd - 6:30pm - Ceilidh with the North Cornwall Ceilidh Band at Linkinhorne Parish Hall, Upton Cross.  Get yer dancing shoes & your best Cornish tartan out for a great evening!

Here's the details on these two wonderful events as part of the Vital Spark Festival of Art 


Friday night onwards - Saints and Skinners Ale Festival ... and of course the St Piran Play across the dunes on Sunday afternoon (blue sky and sunshine guaranteed!).


Saturday 2nd night - Looe Folk and Acoustic Music Club at the Jolly Sailor, West Looe featuring Cornish fiddle-singer, Richard Trethewey.  
Fabulous singing and music guaranteed from Richard and the exceptionally talented club regulars.


Tuesday 5th from 6pm - piping the flag down from the Castle, procession down into town and a session in Harvey's (home of the Crowns) with Rob Strike and friends.  
Music, singing, dancing, pasties and fine ales!  I'm hoping that we'll see the St Piran's model make an appearance again too!

St Austell

Wednesday 6th - the first Snoz Noz - Nos Lowen Club in St Austell Parish Church Hall, Trevarthian Road from 7pm-9pm.  
A great opportunity to learn a few Cornish dances taught from scratch, followed by a mini 'nos lowen'.  
Further info on 07946 024410 or howlhaloer@hotmail.co.uk.


The full listing is here, thanks to our good friends at www.an-daras.com.

Happy St Piran's Tide to you all :D

Monday, 11 February 2013

Foot Stomping Saturdays in Callington!

Lots of live music, Cornish dance & laughter in store on selected Saturday mornings at 10am for the  Callington MayFest Cornish Dance Workshops in Callington Town Hall!

A chance to learn the Callington Furry and a choice selection of simple Cornish social dances from an Old Hand-in-Hand to Mr Martins Reel.

The music for the Callington Furry processional dance has been composed by Rosie Fierek of the Calstock Rubber Band, and the dance will reflect the mood of the music and the fun characteristics of Callington town. 

All the dances will be taught from scratch, and you don't need to bring a partner.

Family friendly, with under 14s accompanied by an adult.


Huge thanks to Pete & the team & supporters of CAVe, FEAST, and all the lovely Sparking Saturdays Cornish Dance Workshop dancers and musicians for keeping the Cornish dance spark alight since the first Vital Spark Festival in Liskeard :D

Full details for Callington MayFest are here.

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Corncrow and 'Meriasek'

Here's the new Corncrow video, Meriasek...a personal favorite of mine...

Kan pur dha yn Kernewek! Great song in Cornish!

Recommended Cornish dance ... Breannick Furry, a Jowster 3 or a waltz...

Enjoy :D

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Scoot Lyskerrys, Cornish Sessions, Birthday Party, Ceilidh & Sparking Saturdays!

Scoot Lyskerrys Extra

Sat 26th Jan - 10:30am - 12 noon

Liskerrett Centre, Varley Lane, Liskeard,  Liskeard PL14 4AP
A chance to try out a few Cornish step dances, set dances and broomstick dances

The Melting Pot's Sixth Birthday Party 

Sat 26th Jan -  15:00 - 23:00

Cornish Trad Live music event at The Melting Pot cafe with Gorvagas & Morvoren, Hedra, Kescana, Tredanek, Skillywidden, Ice and a Slice, Caracana and Mr Bones Presents
Great venue, fantastic food and excellent music - perfect way to spend a winter's day!

Cornish Music Session - Seiners, Perranporth

Tue 29th Jan - 20:00

Open Cornish music session with hosts, Dalla & friends - fine music, dancing, and singing from The Perraners.  Delicious food (gluten free if you ask nicely) & a Skinners bar.

Cornish Dance Society Ceilidh hosted by Ros Keltek

Fri 1st Feb - 20:00 - 22:00

Sat 2nd Feb - 10:00am - 12 noon

Liskerrett Centre, Varley Lane, Liskeard,  Liskeard PL14 4AP
Fun-fit exercise with Cornish dance!  Learn a selection of simple Cornish social folk dances from an 'Old Hand-in-Hand' to Newylyn Reel. Wear suitable clothes for dancing, and bring scoots/taps/hard shoes to try a step dance or two in the second half. 

Songs, Tunes, Tall Tales with Mike O'Connor & Barbara Griggs

Sat 2nd Feb - 19:00

Old School, Stoke Climsland - call Sue Bryant on 01579 370 404 to reserve a ticket.Strong songs, beautiful music on harp, viol and violin and masterful storytelling from Mike & Barbara. 
£6/£4 concessions, family £14
Mike O'Connor & Barbara Griggs

Cornish Music Session - Seiners, Perranporth

Tue 5th Feb - 20:00

Open Cornish music session with hosts, Dalla & friends - fine music, dancing, and singing from The Perraners.  Delicious food (gluten free if you ask nicely) & a Skinners bar.

Scoot Lyskerrys Extra

Sat 9th Feb - 10:30am - 12 noon

Liskerrett Centre, Varley Lane, Liskeard,  Liskeard PL14 4AP
A chance to try out a few Cornish step dances, set dances and broomstick dances

Coming up ... Kamm Kelliwik for Callington MayFest & St Piran's events!