Sunday, 4 June 2017

Cornish Dancing in Bude!

What a wonderful group to work with up in Bude as part of the #coast2coast #cornishdance project.

Methinks Bude has become quite self-sufficient πŸ˜„.
Eight joint 'playing for dancing' #cornishmusic and 'dancing for fun' #cornishdance sessions, with growing confidence and lots of laughter from all participants on the way πŸ˜‚.
Sticks, steps and maybe even barrels in the follow-up seriesπŸ’ƒπŸŽ».
We were so sorry not to have made the final session, or the festival this year . . . extra special thanks to Kate for stepping in for us! And an extra round of applause to Kate for taking the dances straight from the workshops to her year 5 students from the very first session, AND hosting an AWESOME short-notice workshop for the Bude Beavers with her son!!  
Here's a few of the pics taken by the marvellous Bob Griggs at one of the sessions, and the great Six Hand Reel set too.

Dancing in Cornish!

A few of us had the chance to have a go at a new card game in Cornish with Cornish language teacher, Jerry after one of the sessions, and learn a few words associated with #cornishdance!
I'd love to master calling dances by the end of 2017!  Wonder if there's anywhere in Liskeard to learn Cornish . . . ?

HUGE THANKS πŸ™Œ to Mike and Chris Jurkiewicz, Bude Folk Club and Bude Folk Festival for having the faith,  the Falcon Hotel for the space and copious amounts of tea, coffee and apple juice, and to all of you for joining us when you could!
See youse at the Esedhvos Troyl with Scoot Lyskerrys in Lanson on Friday 1st September!
Oll an gwella! All the best! x

Sunday, 5 February 2017

#coast2coast #cornishdance

Get yer scoots on, or yer instruments out for some foot-stompin' Cornish music and dance fun from #coast2coast, supporting cultural events in east Cornwall over the year, including:


A chance to pick up a selection of Cornish social/community, set and step dances just for fun, usually indoors, sometimes outdoors, always with LIVE music!  Ideal for complete beginners and experienced dancers alike, and anyone who things they've got two left feet!  Always taught from scratch, and tailored to the participants at each session.
Under 14s must be accompanied by a participating adult.


Here's the list of Cornish Dance Tunes for you - you'll find links to the dots if you're a dot reader, and if you're a play-by-ear folkie, you'll find you pick up the tunes at your usual rate over the regular sessions.

Where and when?

Liskeard - Liskerrett Centre - fortnightly from Sat 11th Feb at 10am
Bude - The Falcon Hotel - fortnightly from Sun 12th Feb at 4pm.

Full dates and locations are all in the Cornish Dancing Diary, with more appearing as locations are confirmed.

How much?

Magic Hat PAYF (pay as you feel) collection (a fiver would be nice :) ).

How can I find out more?

Subscribe to the mailing list here for updates.