Cornish Dancing - Badges for Girl Guides & Brownies

Cornish folk dancing is fantastic fun-fit exercise, helps you learn a little of the Cornish culture, and gives you the opportunity to share and participate in your local community events.

I still remember the Guide Law (adapted for the latest changes since I was a Girl Guide) . . .
I promise that I will do my best:
To be true to myself and develop my beliefs,
To serve the Queen and my community,
To help other people
To keep the Guide Law.

. . . and really believe that the Girl Guiding community across Cornwall can have a huge impact on Cornish culture within their communities with #cornishdance!

Here are the Brownie and Girl Guide Badges that can be supported by #cornishdance . . .

GuidesCommunity ActionCultureHealthy LifestylesHobbiesMusic GroupPerforming Arts

And here are some of the #cornishdance activities that can support these badges . . .

  • Cornish Social Dances: including one of the many simple Furry dances - Helston, Tregajorran, Downderry, Polperro, Breannick, St Germans, Hevva, North Cornwall, Grampound Road - a circle dance, such as "Mr Martin's Reel" from Morval, a partner dance, such as the Old Hand-in-Hand, or a serpent dance.  These dances are all easy to pick up and share, and are perfect for community celebrations.
  • Cornish Step Dances: including Tin Stamp, based on the sounds heard in the mining industry, the harvest dance, Cock-in-Britches, the challenge dance, Mrs Parkyns Jig, or one of the Broomstick dances.
  • Singing for Cornish Dancing: Hevva, Nine Brave Boys (part in English, part in Cornish), Goonlaze (in Cornish) are just a few of the songs that can be learnt to accompany specific dances.
  • Music for Cornish Dancing: learn the tunes for Cornish dancing through any of the community groups, or at sessions or special workshops - check out the links page for groups in your area.
  • History of Cornish Dancing: why not talk to some of the older generation about the good old days, of Feasts and Celebrations, Dances and Carnivals?  You'll pick up some great stories, and maybe even some pictures too! Feel free to share :D.
  • Celebrations, Feasts, Carnivals and Special Occasions: you can really help to make these events very special, by learning, sharing and participating in at least one Cornish dance or song, linking it into the Cornish culture, and making lots of people smile too!

Feel free to connect for #cornishdance workshops on any of the above for your unit, division or community event, or drop into any of the events in the Cornish Dancing Diary for an informal chat.