Bodmin Heritage Day - The Children's Dance

We'd love you to join us on Bodmin Heritage Day with your children for The Children's Dance.


The Dance Instructions

Line up in a procession, two behind two, holding hands with your partner.

Step forward for 4 x one-two-three-hops.

Make a right hand star in your set of four, and turn round-and-round-and-round-and-round (2 x one-two-three-hops).

Make a left hand star in your set of four, and turn back-the-other-way (2 x one-two-three-hops).

Repeat until it's time to stop!

The Words

We're really hoping you and your school or group can find some positive and inspirational words to help with the dance.

The original words are . . . 
One-two-three-hop, one-two-three-hop, one-two-three-hop, one-two-three-hop
Round-and-round-and-round-we-go, and-back-the-other-way
The Tune

Here's the tune, with a few clips form last year - it lasts 2'42, perfect for a "wake up, shake up', and to encourage your children to concentrate, count and represent your school or club:


We look forward to seeing your child / children for rehearsals on the last Saturday of the month in Bodmin Jail from 12:45-2:00pm in April, May and June.  

No special costumes or shoes required, just the children.  

We will provide LIVE music for each rehearsal.

Tea and coffee are available while the children rehearse.

We recommend your child finds a partner they are happy to dance with, and another couple of children to make up a set of four.



We would love each school and/or group to carry a banner for the procession, so we know which school or group is which, and can award prizes for the best banners and groups.

If you would like help to make a special banner, drop a message on the Bodmin Heritage Day - The Children's Dance page, and we'll help connect you with an artist.

What to wear?

Each child should wear a white top and black skirt or trousers, with shoes or plimsolls.  

We will provide Bodmin Heritage Day - The Children's Dance sashes for each child.

Where to meet?

Register your school or group with our nominated registrar outside the Old Library at the top of Fore Street with the total number of children in your school or group by 12 noon on the 1st Saturday in July.

We will arrange the schools and groups in alphabetical order, with the banner carriers at the front of each group.

What if it rains?

We know, it's July . . . there's a chance it might rain.

Please be prepared to allow your child to dance in their raincoat if it's raining, and to remove their raincoat if, like 2016, the sun comes back out.

If it's absolutely pouring down relentlessly, we will decide collectively with the school/group leaders whether to delay the start, postpone, or move to the warm, dry, wet weather space for tea and cake!

It will be really helpful for us if you can all sing the Bodmin Sunshine Song on the day :)

How long will the procession last?

As long as it takes to dance from the top of Fore Street, all the way down into Priory Car Park to the Old Bandstand.  About half an hour.

Where will we finish?

The procession will finish at the Old Bandstand at Priory Park, where the children will receive a drink, and collect their "thank you" gift.

Tea and cakes may be available for parents, guardians, school and group leaders if you've been very good!


You can add these to your own calendar if you like :)