Cornish Dance Tunes

Here's a selection of popular Cornish dance tunes: most are in Fooch!, on the wonderful an-daras site, or in Racca.

Serpent dance tunes

9 Brave Boys
Jim Stacey's
Zeak Waltz
Maggie May

Kabm pymp / 5 step dance tunes

Oll an Gerriow
Coer Elath
Neidges Awarra
Dave Brubeck's 'Take 5'

Furry dance tunes

Tregajorran Furry
Bodmin Riding
Polperro Furry
Bolingey Furry
Calstock May Revel
Callington Furry
Mind the Nettles
Helston Furry
Awel Vase
Saltash (Oll an Dro)
An Melwez (Oll an Dro)
An Dufunyans (Oll an Dro)
Now the Summer is Over (Breannick Furry)

Couple / circle dance tunes

King of Sweden (Mr Martin's Reel)
Newlyn Reel
Delkiow Sevy (Ros Vean)
Tom Bawcock's Eve / Truro Agricultural Show (Old Hand-in-Hand)
Begone From My Window (kabm dew)
Quay Fair
Woolly Monkey
Turkey Rhubarb
An Culyek Hos (The Mallard)

Set dance tunes

Falmouth Polka / Lady Evesham (Ros Vur)
St Keverne's Feast (Rescue Hoedown)
Sunny Corner (6 Hand Reel)
Polka Covath (Corwedhen)
Fer Lyskerrys
An Cuyek Hos Lanust (Tremedheves)
Cat's Got The Measles (Cornish Mating Dance)
Fish Tin and Copper
Cornish Express
Travelling with strangers/Waiting for a bus (Plethen an Vro)
An Marrak/Bishop’s Jig/Hernen Wydn Rogues March

Step dance tunes

Hernen Widn (Mrs Parkyn's / step dance challenge)
Mrs Parkyns
Boscastle Breakdown
Tin Stamp
Cock in Britches
3 Hand Reel
4 Hand Reel (4 Hand Reel / Crowshensa)
Bouncy Sam Jago's (Mesk yn Myrdh)
Rogues March


If you can master a couple from each dance type, splann!