Cornish Dance Workshops

Cornish Dance Workshops

Foot-stompin' fun-fit dance exercise!  Open to all.

A chance to learn / refresh a selection of Cornish social, set & step dances, including the "Poldark" set!  Suitable for all levels - all dances are taught from scratch and at a pace to suit participants.


Millpool Centre, Millpool, West Looe - check the Cornish Dancing Diary for the latest dates.

View from The Millpool Centre balcony

Gorgeous floor! Bring scoots/taps/hard shoes!

Learn the tunes with Steve & Carlton


Liskerrett Centre, Varley Lane, Liskeard - check the Cornish Dancing Diary for the latest dates.

Furry dances

Step dances

Music by the marvellous Scoot Lyskerrys musicians

Workshops for communities, festivals & special events

If you would like a one-off or series of Cornish dance workshops for your school, college, club, community, festival or wedding, here's the styles of Cornish dance for participants:
  • Cornish Social Dances from a furry processional to an Old Hand-in-Hand, a Newlyn Reel to Turkey Rhubarb & a serpent or two; the simpler 'watch & copy' variety
  • Cornish Set Dances collected from the traditional Cornish repertoire, including Fer Lyskerrys, Corwedhen, 6 Hand Reel; full instructions, tips & tricks to help the 'muscle memory'
  • Cornish Scoot or Step Dances such as Tin Stamp, Boscastle Breakdown, 3 & 4 Hand Reel, Mrs Parkyns' Jig & Mesk Yn Merdh; from basic stamp-shuffles to double shuffles & the '4 hand reel' step
All dances are taught from scratch for all levels and can be adjusted depending on the abilities of the participants.

Scoots, clogs, taps or hard shoes are recommended for the Cornish scoot dances.

Typically, a one hour Cornish dance workshop allows participants to learn up to 5 dances, and a two hour workshop between 8 and 10 dances (including a break).

Feel free to get in touch via ScootsKernow on facebook or scootskernow (at)

Keep an eye on the Cornish Dancing Diary, the ScootsKernow facebook page or ScootsKernow on twitter for the latest workshops & events.

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