Dynnergh! Welcome!

I'm a Cornish dancer - set, step & social, and I run workshops in Cornish dance for adults & young people, lead dances at dydh/nos lowen (happy day/night) Cornish dances, call for troyls (Cornish ceilidhs) and collaborate on community events.

I'm also a coeliac, and know a thing or two about gluten-free baking - a whole other world of yumminess and challenge.  And I can speak a little bit of Cornish, am fluent in German, have a pretty good grasp of French, and can figure out Spanish, Italian, Dutch and Greek.

So if you need a multi-lingual Cornish dance workshop or ceilidh, a display of Cornish dance, any gluten-free baking tips, or just need a good Cornish dance workout, give us a shout, and I'll see how I can help you!

Dance Biography

Learnt ballroom as a youngster, picked up dance styles from salsa to jive, African to Irish, Bangra to English on my travels, performed in cross-cultural collaborations with Barb Jungr, Robb Johnson & Roger Watson ('Flame & Flower', 'Wheels of Change').

I took up Cornish dance back in 2001 as a fun way to keep fit, joined Asteveryn, and spent a few years performing across Cornwall and at pan-Celtic festivals.  Became a member of Second Wave Dance Arts, co-facilitating workshops, with occasional local dance displays.

Began Cornish dance workshops in Polperro at the beginning of 2008 on the request of one of the audience members at a Dalla concert, and have since taught Cornish dance in primary schools in Cornwall & the Isles of Scilly, for the Guides as Cornish Dance Ambassadors, and at a fine selection of festivals.

Currently performing with Kemysk Cornish Dancers & the very newly formed 'Scoot Lyskerrys'.

Can occasionally be found scooting on tables or barrels in public houses, often with a pool cue in hand for the Cock-in-Britches Harvest Dance!

Chilled Cider Fest with Corncrow
Square & Compass, Worth Matravers
(one of the finest ale houses in Britain!)
Latest 'project' is the highly popular 'Sparking Saturdays Cornish Dance Workshop' series in Liskeard, that began in Liskeard as part of the 'Vital Spark' Arts Festival 2011.  And 2013 sees the beginning of the Kamm Keliwik series in Callington to support the revived Callington May Fest.

'Olympic Flame Torch Serpent' dance at a
Sparking Saturdays Cornish Dance Workshop
at the Liskerrett Centre, Liskeard
Many of the dancers at the 'Sparking Saturdays' Cornish Dance Workshops, have been asking me to 'write down' the snippets of stories that I tell as I teach each dance ...

Tin Stamp at a typical
Sparking Saturdays Cornish Dance Workshop
at the Liskerrett Centre, Liskeard
so here they are in the Cornish Dance and Cornish Dance Products blog!

Happy Cornish Dancing!

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